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Investor Stroykolux Ltd.

Investor Stroykolux Ltd.

Stroycolux Ltd. & nbsp; is a company founded in the fall of 2004 and registered in the city of Plovdiv. Over the years, the company has invested in projects of various kinds and scales.

Thanks to its foresight, its innovative market strategies, as well as its appropriate investment moves, Stroykolux Ltd. won the "Investor №1 in housing construction for the city of Plovdiv" award.

For 18 years the company has been developing successful investment activities and enjoys an excellent reputation and loyal customers.

StroyColux Ltd. has a clear mission and regulated goals:

  • Imposition and implementation of European standards
  • innovative concepts in the field of housing and layout.

The aim is to achieve and preserve the "art" of living in a new community, with family in mind, with style, in a park environment, with a unique combination of services.

In other words, Stroykolux Ltd. emphasizes the comfort, safety and security in its complexes, the aesthetic layout of the space around the buildings and the well-developed infrastructure, which skillfully combines work, entertainment, sports and recreation. p>